Offer for foreigners

We have offers for you permanent employment in Poland and Europe and temporary work: various possibilities in proven companies. We work with companies from many industries, which is why we have interesting and reliable offers for you. We love our Candidates, that’s why we want them to find a nice job!
With the help of our employees efficiently, quickly and without standing in queues, you will get the necessary help. On your behalf: we will complete all necessary applications, obtain the necessary documents, collect the final permit from the office and deliver it directly to the address indicated.

With us, you’ll get:

  • Declaration of intention to entrust work to citizens Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, China, Nepal and India
  • All types of work permits
  • Stay Card
  • Another administrative assistance that meets your needs

Talk to us, get to know our recruiters and find a place for yourself!

You can gain a lot with us!

  • certainty of employment through one of our partners
  • honest and legal work in well-known companies from various industries
  • timely and attractive remuneration
  • accommodation on site
  • professional service and constant support